I am an applied economist with a successful publishing record in leading economics (PharmacoEconomics, Food Policy, Ecological Economics) health services research (Autism Research, Implementation Science, Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders) and medical/clinical journals (American Journal of Human Genetics, Frontiers in Neurology, British Journal of Haematology, Journal of Thoracic Oncology ).

My studies have directly advanced health care delivery areas related to neurodevelopmental outcomes, oncology, and mental health. Based on research I produced as an economist for the Epilepsy Genomics study, the British Columbia Ministry of Health (Canada) approved the medical service reimbursement plan for a new clinical service through Neurocode Labs Inc. (effective March 2017).

I am currently conducting a funded research to study the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on health-related quality of life in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I am implementing a study to measure the impact of miscarriage on mental health outcomes across primary and secondary care settings.

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